Periodontology is one of the branches of Dentistry studies the tissues, bones that support teeth and tissues around the teeth in a healthy and diseased state that includes and ways of prevention and treatment. Periodontology is more preventive than other fields of dentistry. because periodontal treatment greatly promotes the health of the tissues around the teeth.

Periodontal course development is carried out with basic and clinical research in line with the development of lecturer potential which includes; Periodontal Medicament, Pathology periodontal disease, Manifestations of systemic disease in periodontal tissues, and epidemiology of periodontal disease.

In this department students are able to work on the cases required in the periodontology field. The required cases are scaling and root planning, curettage, splinting in models, dentin hypersensitivity treatment, gingivectomy. Students are also expected to be able to understand scientific writing methods as a basic understanding to find and solve dental and oral health problems based on scientific studies.





Dr. drg. A. Mardiana Adam, M.Kes





Prof. Dr. drg. Hasanuddin Thahir, M.Kes, Sp.Perio





Prof. Dr. drg. Sri Oktawati, M.Kes, Sp.Perio (K)





Drg. Supiaty, M.Kes





Dr. drg. Asdar Gani, M.Kes





Drg. Arny Irawaty Djais, Sp.Perio


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