Collegium Assessor Visitation Opening of Dentistry Study Program for Pediatric Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry Hasanuddin University

Posted By : Majid Asinu

The Children’s Dentistry Collegium Assessor Team conducted a visitation in the context of the Opening of the Dentistry Specialist Education Program (PPDGS) of Pediatric Dentistry (KGA) FKG Unhas, Thursday (31 October 2019).

The KGA Kolegium Assessor Team consisting of Prof. Seno Pradopo, drg., SU., Ph.D., Sp.KGA (K) as Chair of the Collegium (Airlangga University), Prof. Dr. Sarworini, drg., Sp.KGA (K)., (Chair of the PPDGS KGA Study Program UI), Prof. Dr. Inne Suherna Sasmita, drg., Sp.KGA (K), (Chair of the KGA Unpad PPDGS Study Program), Dr. Rinaldi Budi Utomo, drg., MS., Sp.KGA (K), (Chair of the PPDGS KGA UGM Study Program), Tania Saskianti, drg., Ph.D., Sp.KGA (K)., (Chair of the Program PPDGS KGA Airlangga University Study), and accompanied by the Dean and Chair and Secretary of the Senate Faculty of Dentistry of Prof. Dr. drg. Rasmidar Samad, MS and Prof. Dr. drg., Sri Oktawati, in the FKG Unhas Senate Room.

Also present were the Vice Deans, KGA Chair and Task Force Team, Study Program Heads, Department Chairpersons, Chairperson of the Research Unit, Publication, and Production House and Innovation, DEU Chair and FKG Unhas academic community.

Dean of FKG Unhas, drg. Muhammad Ruslin, M. Kes., Ph.D., Sp.BM (K) in his remarks expressed his deepest gratitude to the Assessors who had attended the FKG Unhas today.

“Thanks God, today we arrived at the collegiate visitation stage, this is proof of our sincerity to prepare for the opening of this study program,” said drg. Ruslin

“The opening spirit of specialist education at FKG Unhas actually started with the Department of Pediatric Dentistry, which then gave birth to the opening of other study programs, including Prosthodontics, Periodontics and Tooth Conservation Study Programs,” continued drg. Ruslin

“Alhamdulillah, FKG Unhas has recently opened the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthodontic Study Program. That experience has become an encouragement for us to open this study program,” added drg. Ruslin

“Hopefully the spirit to open study programs is maintained, so that this study program will be able to expand services and be the beginning of the development of Pediatric Dentistry in eastern Indonesia”, hope drg. Ruslin

“Thank you also to the Vice Deans and all Task Force who have helped a lot in the process of opening this study program”, concluded drg. Ruslin

The next speech came from the Head of the College of Visitation Team who was also the Chair of the College of Prof. Seno Pradopo, drg., SU., Ph.D., Sp.KGA (K).

“Thank you to FKG Unhas for facilitating and thanking all those who have helped in the preparation process for the opening of this study program,” said Prof. Seno

“We and the team strongly support the opening of this study program and will provide recommendations even though we first improve the records of the Visitation Team before we provide a recommendation, this is to facilitate the process at the next stage which is the stage at KKI and of course at LAMPTKES to get minimal accreditation,” Prof. Seno

The event was followed by a presentation from the Chairperson of the Opening Team of the Dentistry Study Program of Pediatric Dentistry Specialist FKG Unhas Prof. Dr. drg. Muh. Harun Achmad, M. Kes., Sp.KGA (K), which began by describing the progress of the opening of this study program from year to year.

Exactly at 13.30 WITA, the Assessors and their entourage then went to the Dental Center of Unhas Hospital to review the readiness of the opening of this study program.

After reviewing the facilities and infrastructure, the Assessor Team and the group continued their journey to the Rector of Unhas. The Children’s Dentistry College Assessor Team and the Group were welcomed directly by the Vice Chancellor for Planning, Finance and Infrastructure of Hasanuddin University Prof. Ir. Sumbangan Baja, M.Phil., Ph.D.

In his remarks, Prof. Sumbangan Baja explained before the Assessors about the commitment and full support of the Rector Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, MA told FKG Unhas to open the Pediatric Dentistry Specialist Study Program.