Upon Graduation, The Dental Student Must Be Able to :

  1. Be competence to perform a professional dentist in accordance with ethical and legal standards based on the five principles of PANCASILA.
  2. Apply psychosocial sciences, culture, and humanity to perform dental practices within one’s scope of competence and consult with or refer to professional colleagues when indicated.
  3. Apply basic concepts of medical and dental sciences as well as utilize marine natural  resources to support dental practices and research.
  4. Actualize both medical and dental clinical sciences to perform dental practices effectively and efficiently.
  5. Utilize information through a variety of media to keep updated with the recent development of dental science and technology for better dental services.
  6. Demonstrate team working skills and to collaborate with other health professions in patient management.
  7. Ability to perform therapeutical communication, general physical stomatognathic system examination and to develop a dental treatment plan and to establish prognosis in the form of medical record.
  8. Perform a restoration of the stomatognathic system through dental clinical management and documentation in the form of a medical report.
  9. Perform medical treatments in emergency and medical compromised patients.
  10. Perform management functions in dental practices to analyze public health problems and to provide innovative solutions using evident-based dentistry approaches.