(Indonesia) Mahasiswa Program Profesi Kedokteran Gigi Uji Kompetensi di FKG Unhas

Posted By : Majid Asinu

A total of 67 Dentistry students participated in the Period III UKMP2DG in 2019 at the Faculty of Dentistry at Hasanuddin University on Friday (07/26/2019).

The students came from several universities namely Samratulangi University (23 people), Indonesian Muslim University (17 people) and Hasanuddin University (27 people).

This series of examinations is held 2 days, from 26-27 July 2019. For July 26, 2019 the Computer Based Test (CBT) exam and on July 27, 2019 the Objective Stuctured Clinical Examination (OSCE) exam.

There are 4 External Examiners, namely drg. Sri Larnani, MDSc and drg. Vincensia Maria Karina, MDSc., Sp. Perio is from Gadjah Mada University (UGM). While drg. Niken Probosari, M.Kes and Prof. Dr. drg. FX Adi Soesetijo, Sp.Pros from Jember University.

Central Supervisor is 2 people, namely drg. Edwyn Saleh, Sp.BM from the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) and drg. Dwis Syahrul, M.Kes from Mahasaraswati University Denpasar.

For Internal Examiners there are 16 people including: Dr. drg. Andi Mardiana Adam, MS, drg. Rini Pratiwi, M.Kes, Dr. drg. Marhamah, M.Kes, Dr. drg. Maria Tanumihardja, MDSc, ​​Prof. Drg. Sri Oktawati, Sp.Perio (K), Prof. Dr. drg. Asmawati, M.Kes, drg. Donald N Nahusona, M.Kes, Dr. drg. Irene E Rieuwpassa, M.Sc, drg. Baharuddin MR, Sp.Ort (K), Dr. drg. Juni Jekti Nugroho, Sp.KG (K), Dr. drg. Ike Damayanti Habar, Sp.Pros (K), drg. Vinsensia Launardo, Sp.Pros, drg. Abul Fauzi, Sp.BM, drg. Irfan Sugianto, MMedEd., Ph.D, drg. Muh. Irfan Rasul, Sp.BM and drg. Fuad Husain Akbar, M.Kes., Ph.D

Competency tests for students from the dentistry profession program are mandated by Law Number 20 of 2013 concerning Medical Education. There is also the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 30 of 2014 concerning Procedures for Implementing Student Competency Tests for Professional Doctors or Dentists.

The two rules make the implementation of the competency test for new dentists transformed into a Competency Test for Dentistry Professional Program Students (UKMP2DG) which must be followed by dentist professional program students before being declared graduated and during their graduation will not pass due to exams.

This period will be announced on August 9, 2019, “said Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation FKG Unhas Prof. Dr. drg. Edy Machmud., Sp. Pros (K) who is also Chair of the Local Committee UKMP2DG FKG Unhas.

“A big thank you to all committee for spending time during the process of implementing this competency exam in the hope that all participants will get satisfactory results, Aamiin”,
added Prof.Edy