The periodontic specialist education program of Unhas was held with the aim of becoming a periodontal education and specialization service center in Eastern Indonesia, with global insight, mastering science and technology, having clinical skills and being able to work in the community according to competence and able to compete nationally and internationally . Another goal of implementing periodontal specialist programs is to increase the amount of research, scientific publications and produce graduates who are competent, skilled, power struggle, strong morally, ethically, highly dedicated and periodontal specialists who are able to encourage community independence through services to the public, especially in the area of ​​periodontal tissue health.

Periodontal specialist education is taken for 6 semesters. The main subjects of the periodontal specialist study program are periodontal tissue techniques and periodontal aesthetics.

The expertise possessed by periodontal specialists is the treatment of dental supporting tissues, such as the treatment of bleeding gums, inflamed gums, decreased gums, vibrating teeth, removing tartar, periodontal surgery, and so on.