Faculty of Dentistry Hasanuddin University  was officially established based  on Hasanuddin University Rector Decree No. 91 / O / 02/1983 and Minister of Education Decree No. 0563 / O / 1983 on December 8th, 1983. Currently, Faculty of Dentistry manage 4 study programs: Doctor of Dental Medicine Study Program, Specialist Dentist Education (PPDGS) Conservation, Prosthodontics and Periodontics.

Doctor of Dental Medicine Study Program have been accredited “A” for the bachelor stage on 2016 by  LAM-PTKes Decree No: 0552 / LAM-PTKes / Akr / Sar / V / 2016, valid until 21 May 2021 and clerkship program accredited B based on  LAM-PTKes Decree No: 0553 / LAM-PTKes / Akr / Sar / V / 2016, valid until May 21, 2021.

The development of DDM study program is guided by the strategic plan, vision and mission of UNHAS as an educational institution, that aims to be the leading center in the development of human, science, technology, arts and culture based on the Indonesian Maritime Continent. With regard to the revitalization of the university vision and missions in 2010, and responding the rapid change in the development of science and technology, globalization, and economic growth, DDM has developed a vision, mission, and aim to address those issues.