The Journal Manager of FKG Unhas was the Speaker at the BAWASLU RI Journal

Posted By : Majid Asinu

BAWASLU RI held an activity “Group Discussion Together with Online Journal System Preparation for Adhyasta Election Journal”, 12 to 13 September 2019.

The activity which took place at the Millennium Hotel Jakarta was attended by the management team of the Unhas Faculty of Dentistry Journal (drg. Fuad Husain Akbar, M.Kes., Ph.D and Moefida Ahmad, SM), Journal Manager at Semarang State University and RI Bawaslu staff.

drg. Fuad Husain Akbar, M. Kes., Ph.D, who is the manager of the FKG Unhas Journal, was the speaker in the group discussion with the theme “Management of Online Journal System Based OJS”.

“Every journal to be accredited must meet OJS standards, starting from the process of receiving the manuscript, reviewing the manuscript to publication, all must be online”, explained drg. Fuad

“Activities like this are very good because many benefits are obtained both in terms of managers, readers and writers,” added drg. Fuad

Dr. Ilham Yamin who is the organizing committee of this activity hopes that this activity will be sustainable so that the Indonesian Bawaslu Journal can be purely based on OJS “.

“We also hope that the management of the FKG Unhas journal can accompany this process”, added Dr. Ilham