FKG UNHAS News Professor Guest Lecture, FKG Unhas presents 10 speakers from abroad

Professor Guest Lecture, FKG Unhas presents 10 speakers from abroad

Professor Guest Lecture, FKG Unhas presents 10 speakers from abroad post thumbnail image

Hasanuddin University Faculty of Dentistry (FKG Unhas) held a Guest Lecture for 2 days, the activity took place on Wednesday (15/3/2023) and Friday (17/3/2023) at 08.30 WITA in the Molar Room, FKG Unhas Tamalanrea.

Presenting 10 speakers from abroad:
1. Professor Tsuyoshi Shimo, DDS., Ph.D;
Division of Reconstructive Surgery for Oral and Maxillofacial Revion,
School of Dentistry, Health
Sciences University of Hokkaido, Japan discussed “orthognatic surgery graduate students from Hasanuddin University”
2.Assistant Professor Azusa Maeda
Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine,
Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of
Oral Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine
OKama, Japan; presented “International student collaboration activity of Okayama university dental school”
3. Professor Kei Tomihara, D.D.S, Ph.D
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and
Dental Sciences; explained “oral oncology from basic to bedsite”
4. Professor Takashi Saito, D.D.S., Ph.D
Division of Clinical Cariology and Endodontology,
Department of Oral Rehabilitation,
School of Dentistry,
Health Sciences University of Hokkaido
5. Professor Maeda Takeyasu D.D.S., Ph.D
Niigata University Faculty of Dentistry Niigata, Japan presented “Morphology basic on dental innervation”.
6. Associate Professor Marco N. Helder, Ph.D ; Head of Stem Cell and Maxillofacial VUMC, The Netherlands; Discussing “Regenerative Medicine and Oncological treatment: one solution for all?”
7. Associate Professor Dr. Nurul Asyikin Yahya, National University; with the topic “The role of dentist in smoking”
8. Associate Professor Dr. Haslina Rani; National University of Malaysia; with the topic “Preparing oral health education materials – The UKM experience”.
9. Associate Professor Dr. Safura Anita Baharin; National University of Malaysia, discussing “Restoration of endodontic treated
10. Professor Su-Feng Chen,
China Medical University, Taiwan; with the topic “The biological study of cancer stem cell and cancer associated fibroblasts induce the invasivenes on head and neck squamous of carcinoma”.

Dean of FKG Unhas, Irfan Sugianto, drg., M.Med. Ed., Ph.D in his remarks said that in the future FKG Unhas must continue to develop international collaborations to improve Unhas’ reputation.
“We want to be part of efforts to push Unhas to become a World Class University, the presence of the speakers this time shows that FKG Unhas continues to be active in international collaboration,” continued drg Irfan

Guest lecture activities last until 17.00 WITA and the closing of activities is Friday (17/3/2023)