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Dentistry Doctoral Education - S3


Hasanuddin University Dentistry Doctoral Study Program is a center of excellence education in the field of Dentistry and Health based on maritime continent research


The mission of organizing the Doctoral Study Program at the Faculty of Dentistry Unhas is the embodiment of the Mission of the UNHAS FKG which is in accordance with the Unhas Mission with the following description:

  • Organizing doctoral education based on research on the maritime continent in the field of dentistry and health that is of high quality and on an international scale
  • Generate new inventions that can be used as patents/IPRs as research output in the field of dentistry and health based on an international maritime continent
  • Carry out community service based on research outcomes that are able to benefit the people of the maritime continent
  • Carrying out professional, credible, transparent, accountable, fair and responsible governance to improve the quality of the Tridharma of Higher Education.
  • Researcher
    The ability to act as a scientist who always develops himself according to science and technology progress in an efficient manner through the addition of knowledge and research
  • Decision maker
    The ability to choose appropriate technology in making strategic decisions effectively and efficiently used in improving the quality of health services that are decent and fair.
  • Manager
    Managerial skills ability in working multidisciplinary teams effectively in building close relationships with other partners for health and social development.
  • Communicators
    The doctors of tomorrow must be excellent communicators in order to persuade individuals, families and the communities in their charge to adopt healthy lifestyles and become partners in the health effort. Ability to communicate effectively to convince individuals, families and communities so that they are able to take responsibility for adopting a healthy lifestyle and become partners in efforts to improve the quality of health.
  • Creators and Innovators
    Have sensitivity to health needs in their environment and have creativity and innovation to make changes and solutions to improve public health status.
  • Community leaders
    The ability to understand the health needs of individuals and groups so that they can play a role in motivating the community to participate in improving community dental and oral health.