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Departemen Biologi Oral

 Oral Biology is the study of the structure, growth, development and function of the oral and surrounding tissues which are included in the stomatognathic system including: teeth, soft tissues of the mouth, periodontal tissues, jaw bones, jaw joints, muscles of mastication and swallowing, salivary glands, fluid oral cavity, blood vessels, nerves and lymph to be able to explain phenomena that occur in the stomatognathic system both normal and aberrant.


The department of oral biology has learning achievements for students who are expected to be able to explain and know material about Dental Embryology, general terminology and dental terminology, tooth tissue structure (email, dentin and pulp), morphology of permanent and primary teeth, dental anomalies, tooth-tissue relationships. periodontium, physiologic relation of tooth anatomy and dentoosseous structure. This is supported by the existence of a dental anatomy laboratory.

Another scope of this department will achieve learning about the basics of microbiology in general, basics of oral microbiology, general concepts of disease, basics of immunology, explaining and analyzing the basics of the oral immune system. This is supported by the existence of a dental microbiology laboratory.