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Department of Materials Science and Dentistry Technology

 the department has all the facilities to demonstrate various aspects of the material to students. The department is also involved in research on various aspects of materials formulation and testing. The department of dental materials science engages in the principles underlying the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of dental materials with particular emphasis being placed on the structure of materials in relation to clinical performance. The department also studies the functional properties and biocompatibility of various materials used in dentistry.


materials used in dentistry. Due to recent advances in basic science and technology, solid knowledge of basic sciences and exposure to clinical dental practice is required to conduct research and teaching programmes. This department emphasizes the need to carefully study existing dental materials and identify their advantages and disadvantages. The primary educational objective of this department is to provide students with a scientific understanding of principles of dental materials science, the ability to critically assess the characteristics of dental biomaterials and to recognize the importance of material manipulation for clinical success.