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Department of Oral Medicine


Oral Medicine is an area within the field of dentistry that is specifically concerned with diseases involving the oral and paraoral structures. It covers the principles of medicine/medicine related to the mouth as well as research in the biological, pathological, and clinical fields. Oral Medicine also includes the diagnosis and medical management of orofacial tissue-specific diseases and manifestations of systemic diseases. The scope of Oral Medicine deals with four main areas namely Oral mucosal diseases, Orofacial diseases or disorders, Salivary glands and Orofacial pain.

The Department of Oral Medicine has learning objectives, namely to provide students with knowledge and understanding of oral mucosal diseases, pathogenesis, prevention (if possible), diagnosis (including relevant investigations and treatments/treatments, enabling students to distinguish between abnormal and normal things, and Allows students to understand the relationship between oral and systemic diseases.

In this department, students can work on cases that are needed in the field of oral disease. Cases required are RAS (Reccurence Apthous Stomatitis), angular cheilitis, traumatic ulcers, normal variations in the mouth, candidiasis. Students are also expected to understand basic methods for understanding dental and oral health problems based on scientific studies.