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Departemen Ortodonsia

  Welcome to the Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University, Please allow us to introduce a little about our department, we have 8 orthodontic teaching staff, consisting of 2 Professors, 3 staff with Doctoral degrees, 4 consular staff, 6 staff with Specialist titles, and 2 staff with the title masters. Orthodontics is a branch of Dentistry with a scope of discussion covering preventive, interceptive and corrective measures against malocclusions or other abnormalities that occur in dentocraniofacials. “ORTHODONTICS” comes from the Greek, ORTHOS means right, straight and DENTOS means tooth.  

The professional education system in our department is now not tied to a certain time range in one department, but uses a system of one day every week called the “ortho” day for each professional student or Coass. They are required to treat at least 2 patients with simple class 1 dental malocclusion cases. By using standard points scoring. Every student who has reached 35 points is declared to be able to take the exam. We hope that this system can maximize the achievement of dentists’ competence in effective and efficient orthodontic treatment. Where we know orthodontic treatment takes a long time.


Program Specifications


The superior competence of professional education in the orthodontic department of FKG Unhas is the treatment of simple class I dental class 1 malocclusions in growing and adult patients, prevention and treatment of malocclusion. Evaluate and follow up on treatment outcomes.