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Departemen Periodonsia

 What We Do

Periodontics is a branch of Dentistry that studies knowledge about the gum tissue, the bones that support the teeth and the connective tissue around the teeth in a healthy and diseased state which includes how to prevent and treat them. Periodontology is more preventive in nature than any other field of dentistry. This is because periodontal treatment prioritizes the health of the tissues around the teeth.

Periodontal scientific development is carried out with basic and clinical research in line with the potential development of lecturers which includes; Periodontal medicaments, Pathology of periodontitis, Manifestations of systemic disease in periodontal tissues, and epidemiology of periodontal disease.

In this department, students can work on cases that are needed in the field of periodontology. Cases required are scaling and root planing, curettage, splinting of the model, dental hypersensitivity treatment, gingivectomy. Students are also expected to understand basic methods for understanding dental and oral health problems based on scientific studies.