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Departemen Prostodonsia


The prosthodontics department discusses all matters relating to the care of patients who require the manufacture of removable and fixed dentures, starting from the filling out of medical records, making a diagnosis based on anamnesis, clinical examination and determination of treatment plans, to performing clinical actions for the manufacture of removable and fixed dentures. performed on the patient. The department of the prosthodontic profession was carried out for 9 weeks, consisting of 8 weeks of the mentoring process in treating patients who needed treatment which included removable partial dentures, complete dentures and fixed dentures, namely bridge dentures, preparation and presentation of scientific papers (KTI), and evaluation of the last 1 week in the form of evaluation of competency achievement/departmental final exams.

The final goal of this registrar is that students are expected to be able to know and understand the basic knowledge of prosthodontics and clinical procedures in treating patients using removable dentures, namely removable partial dentures and complete dentures and fixed dentures, in this case bridge dentures. The achievement of clerkship competence is measured through summative assessments in the mentoring process during the work on patient cases, writing and presentation of KTI, and departmental final exams.