Graduate Profiles


Title to be attached to specialist programme of Conservative Dentistry Specialist Educational is Endodontist (Indonesia title: Spesialis Konservasi Gigi/Sp. KG). Graduates of the Endodontics Specialist, Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University Program are spread throughout Indonesia, especially eastern Indonesia. Most graduates serve as civil servants in hospitals. But some graduates work in private clinics and hospitals and as lecturer. Each graduate already has the ability and skills that are competent in their field. Until now, the Endodontics Specialist, Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University Program has produced 58 graduates spread throughout Indonesia.

The objective of the Endodontics Specialist Program is to produce graduates with competence including professional endodontics, educators, researcher, endodontics counselor, and manager who are able to compete internationally, which can be described as follow:

a.      Professional

Graduates who are able to apply science and technology in providing endodontics specialist services to the community in accordance with applicable scientific, ethical and legal rules..

b.      Clinician

Graduates who are able to carry out endodontics specialist services according to scientific principles to solve complex problems that occur in the community related to the health of dental and periradicular tissues.

c.      Dental Center Providers and Managers

Graduates are able to provide and manage oral health services in intradisciplinary and multidisciplinary manner in solving endodontics specialist problems.

d.     Scientists/Educators

Graduates who have expertise and are involved in the field of science and clinical endodontics specialist, and can act as educators who are more education-oriented.

e.      Counselor

Graduates who has the ability to communicate and is an expert in counseling/extension to individuals, groups and communities in an effort to resolve the problem of endodontics specialist that occurs in the community in an intradisciplinary and multidisciplinary manner.

f.        Researcher

Endodontists who has expertise in researching, reporting and publishing results in the field of endodontics specialist.