In 1984 with the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education No. 139/Dikti/Kep/1984 and No. 141/Dikti/Kep/1984 it was decided to make 7(seven) programs for the education of specialist dentists. The establishment of the Endodontics Specialist Educational Programme is inseparable from the development of Science and Technology in Endodontics Specialist as a branch of clinical dentistry agreed upon by relevant stakeholders and endorsed by the Indonesian Medical Council (KKI).

In addition to the development of dental science and technology, the demands of the community’s need for health services, especially in the field of Endodontics Specialist and the demands of international developments need to be considered. International developments in the field of Endodontics Specialist are based on the development of science and technology, the community’s need for more specific and complex endodontics specialization services, and the demands of the profession according to the fragmentation of its knowledge in Indonesia.