In September 2010, the Prosthodontic Specialist Program was present for the first time to accept new students, but the operational decree for the study program from the Higher Education was only obtained in 2012 with No. 333/E/O/2012. The opening of this study program was carried out by the dean at that time, Prof. drg. Moh. Dharmautama, Ph.D, Sp.Pros(K) and the first PPDGS FKG Unhas Coordinator, Dr.drg. Edy Machmud, Sp.Pros(K), and was enlivened by guest lecturers from the Netherlands, namely Prof. Tuinzing and Dr. Faroxanfar, DDS.

In October 2nd, Recognized as grade A based on Indonesian Accreditation Agency For Higher Education In Health (IAAHEH/LAM-PTKes), Decree number: 0813/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Pro/X/2016 (


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