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Oral Medicine Specialist Study Program​


Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Greetings all

Oral Medicine Residential program of Faculty of Dentistry Hasanuddin University officially born in 2022. We fight long and hard to initiate this institution since we believe that this program can fastening oral health quality improvement in Indonesia specifically in Eastern part of Indonesia since we are the most and prominent one in this region. We also confident that we can serve better oral health services through adding more oral medicine specialist graduate rather than working alone provide one.

Based on our vision to be the center of education and research excellency in oral medicine through maritime-based management for infection and non-infection diseases for public benefit, we designed our curriculum by formulating it on fulfil the Dental Specialist Competency Standard, Indonesian Qualification Frame Concept, Higher Education National Standard, and the latest Oral Medicine Specialist Professional Standard from the Indonesian Medical Council. These designed curricula would surely be shaping our resident to be a care provider, lecturer or researcher, excellent communicator, manager, creator and innovator as well as community leader. We strongly believe that through our curriculum we can graduate competence, innovative and creative, globally mind but rooting for Indonesian community graduate.

We emphasize our education on alternative treatment for oral lesions, preferably by advantaging our huge, massive, and rich maritime industry. We also taken the pathway of oral screening cancer and follow up to create oral cancer and precancer data base for preventive, alternative management, as well as research development.

Strong support from our university, as well as The Oral Medicine Collegium Board, and Oral medicine Association build up our courage to declare that we might be the youngest but surely the best for the oral medicine residential program.





Be the center of education and research excellency in oral medicine through maritime-based alternative management for infection and non-infection diseases for public benefit


  • Student center learning with continuous updating knowledge and technology
  • Research on maritime-based treatment alternative for oral diseases
  • Public engagement-oral diseases associated based on empirical knowledge and considering patient safety as the most important interest
  • Refined interdisciplinary collaboration, partnership, and collaboration between intra and global institution
Prof. Dr. Sumintarti, drg.,M.S
Prof. Dr. Harlina, drg., M.Kes
Nur Asmi Usman, drg., Sp.PM.,SubSp.NonInf(K)

Israyani, drg., Sp.PM.,SubSp.Inf(K)


A. Anggun Mauliana Putri, drg., Sp.PM


Arny Erawaty Muryah, drg.,Sp.PM


Oral medicine specialistic with a strong base of ethics, laws and regulation in complementary of continuous profesional education capacity


Oral & Dental Health Provider

To provide oral medicine specialist services and management competency in the oral health services


Scientish / Lecturer

To always develop comprehensive science and knowledge in the oral medicine field



Communication skill and counseling expert to address any oral medicine-related issues for personal, group, or community



To thrive science and knowledge in the oral medicine field by research for advance academic competency