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Pediatric Specialist Program

Asalamu alaikum

The basis of Pediatric Dentistry is the health of children’s teeth and mouth through optimal services from birth, from childhood to adolescence, including those requiring special dental and oral health services. Dental and oral health is an integral part of general health. For infants, children, adolescents, including those with special needs, disease and/or dental and oral disorders is a very significant problem because it plays an important role in growth and development as well as quality of life.

Pediatric Dentistry Specialist covers various disciplines such as behavioral management with non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches, medically, developmentally compromised child care, supervision (guidance) of dentocraniofacial growth and development, management of soft and hard tissue disorders. These abilities are applied to the needs of children according to the stages of growth and conditions as well as special diseases in children who are in the period of growth and development. Based on WHO and Child Protection No. 35 of 2014, IDGAI determines the age limit for children is before the age of 18 years. Pediatric Dentistry Specialist Dentist is an SpKGA dentist who is competent in diagnosing, and managing specialist dentocraniofacial diseases and/or disorders (interceptive preventive treatment of non-surgical dentocraniofacial growth and developmental disorders) in normal children and/or children with special needs, on a regular basis. comprehensive, both individual and community, as well as conducting research and education for the development of the latest pediatric dentistry.

The Pediatric Dentistry Specialist Dentist Education Program is one of 7 FKG Specialist Dentistry Education Programs which was established based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No.0211/U/1982 in four educational institutions, namely UI, Unair, UGM and Unpad. Along with the times and technological advances, the community’s need for pediatric dentistry services is increasing. However, this need is not matched by an adequate number of pediatric dentistry specialists, especially in eastern Indonesia. Therefore, FKG Unhas proposed the opening of the PPDGS KGA study program to answer these problems. So that on December 2, 2020, the Indonesian Medical Council gave a recommendation for the opening of the PPDGS KGA FKG Unhas study program.


Become a Pediatric Dentistry Specialist Dentist Education Study Program as a referral center for children’s dental and oral health services through innovative use of maritime resources.


  • Organizing quality student-centered learning to produce pediatric dentistry graduates as professional scholars;
  • Carrying out leading research independently and innovatively based on the Indonesian maritime continent;
  • Organizing creative community service for the welfare of individuals and society.
Prof. Dr. drg. Sherly Horax, MS

Prof. Dr. Sherly Horax, DDS., MS

prof fajrin

Prof. Dr. Fajriani, DDS., M.Si


Prof. Dr. Muh. Harun Achmad, DDS., M.Kes., Sp.KGA (K)


Dr. Marhamah, DDS., M.Kes

Assistant Professor

Hendrastuti Handayani, DDS., M.Kes


Syakriani Syahrir, DDS., Sp. KGA

yayah inayah

Yayah Inayah, DDS., Sp. KGA


Nurhaedah Ghalib, DDS., Sp.KGA

dok lusy

Dr. Lusy Damayanti, DDS.,  Sp.KGA