Graduate Profiles

The objective of the Periodontia Specialist Educational Programme is to produce  graduates with competence including professional, leadership and manager, lecture and researcher, creator and innouator, periodontia dentistry counselor who are able to compete internationally.

  • Profesional

Fear of God Almighty and able to demonstrate religious attitudes, and uphold human values ​​in carrying out duties based on religion, morals and ethics. Able to practice periodontist specialist in accordance with authority standards, according to ethics and law. Be able to analyze, design and implement therapy for various cases of specialist periodontal disease/disorders, evidence-based using science and technology.

  • Leadership and manager

Able to work and lead effectively and harmoniously with individuals and groups, inside and outside the health care system organization to meet the periodontal treatment needs of the community

  • Lecture and Researcher

Be able to act as professional educators and scientists, who are always able to develop themselves according to the progress of science and technology in an effective manner through the addition of knowledge and research.

  • Creator and Innouator

Have sensitivity to health needs in their environment and have creativity and innovation to make changes and solutions to improve public health status.

  • Concelor

Periodontics have communication skills and experts in counseling individuals, and community groups in terms of intradisciplinary and multidisciplinary periodontics.