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Prosthodontics Specialist Program

Dentistry specialist prosthodontics education is a continuation of dental professional education with the aim of increasing the quality of higher professionalism in dentistry disciplines. Prosthodontics specialist dentist education graduates must be able to provide the best service for patients and society.

The vision of PPDGS FKG Unhas is a center of excellence for prosthodontic dentistry specialist FKG-UNHAS which is leading in Eastern Indonesia based on the spirit of the maritime continent. Culture based on the maritime continent can be translated into: KEBERSAMAAN (accommodative, adaptive, creative), JUSTICE (leadership, pioneering, caring ), SERIOUSNESS (development of self-capacity, zest for life, entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity).

Program Specifications

The types of treatment that will be carried out by PPDGS prosthodontics students while attending education are students able to complete specialist complete denture cases, specialist removable partial dentures, specialist fixed dentures, overdentures, veneers, implants, jaw joint disorders, maxillofacial, periodontal prostheses, crown lengthening and preprosthetic treatment.


Peace be upon you, with Allah’s mercy and blessings

Best wishes

We thank God for the presence of Allah SWT, with His mercy and grace, the website for the Prosthodontic Specialist Program Hasanuddin University can be completed. My sincere gratitude to the University, dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University and the lecturers also the entire academic community, and in particular to the prosthodontics department, as well as all parties who have provided advice and information and other support in the preparation of this website.

Prosthodontic Specialist Program at Hasanuddin University is the first and only prosthodontic specialist study program in eastern Indonesia. Formed in Jan 15th 2010, Prosthodontic Specialist Program already released many graduates spread around Indonesia, while at the same time responding to the challenges of the community’s needs regarding the services of dentist specialists in prosthodontics, especially in eastern Indonesia.

In undergoing education at Prosthodontic Specialist Program, residents are required to complete education in five (5) semesters or a three (3) year study period which includes comprehensive basic knowledge and knowledge of dentistry in the field of prosthodontics. There were several specialist requirement that must be fulfilled by residents such as dental implants, TMD (Temporomandibular disorder) therapy and maxillofacial prostheses. For taking the final exam, Residents are required to complete a Thesis as part of the educational process.

The education process at Prosthodontic Specialist Program is centered at Hasanuddin University Oral and Dental Hospital for case recruitment. In supporting the educational process, Prosthodontic Specialist Program has 10 teaching staff consisting of 6 consultants and 4 lecturers. Prosthodontic Specialist Program has also collaborated with Ministry of Health which allows residents to get scholarships while attending education.

The vision of the Prosthodontic Specialist Program is to become a national center for the development of excellent science, technology, and research to compete at the international level based on the Indonesian maritime continent, while the Mission of the Study Program is to organize high-quality academic education to produce independent and superior intellectuals at the national level and able to compete at the international level, to develop science, technology and art in the prosthodontic residential education systemvand carry out excellent research and community service in the field of prosthodontics specialists also establishing a new, digitally-based prosthodontic residential education program

In September 2010, the Prosthodontic Specialist Program was present for the first time to accept new students, but the operational decree for the study program from the Higher Education was only obtained in 2012 with No. 333/E/O/2012. The opening of this study program was carried out by the dean at that time, Prof. drg. Moh. Dharmautama, Ph.D, Sp.Pros(K) and the first PPDGS FKG Unhas Coordinator, Dr.drg. Edy Machmud, Sp.Pros(K), and was enlivened by guest lecturers from the Netherlands, namely Prof. Tuinzing and Dr. Faroxanfar, DDS.

In October 2nd, Recognized as grade A based on Indonesian Accreditation Agency For Higher Education In Health (IAAHEH/LAM-PTKes), Decree number: 0813/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Pro/X/2016 (https://lamptkes.org/


To make the Prosthodontic Specialist Dentist Education Program at the Faculty of Dentistry Unhas superior in the development of science, technology and research through exploiting the potential of the Indonesian maritime continent and being able to compete at national and international levels.


  • Organizing quality academic education to produce independent and superior intellectuals at the national level and able to compete at the international level.
  • Able to produce graduates who can adapt to the development of science, technology and art.
  • Produce and conduct downstream research on the potential of the Indonesian maritime continent as well as service in the field of prosthodontics specialists that are beneficial to the community.


Creating prosthodontic specialist dentists who:

  • Producing qualified, professional and responsible prosthodontic specialist dentists.
  • Have advanced academic skills and competencies in prosthodontics.
  • Able to master and implement the latest developments in dental technology and materials in the field of prosthodontic services.
  • Able to produce research that leads to the utilization of the potential of the Indonesian maritime continent that is beneficial to the community.
  • Able to produce graduates who can take advantage of maritime continent-based research results for the benefit of society.

Graduates are mostly well accepted as a clinical practitioner in Hospital, medical services in the government hospital and become a lecturer in universities as well as to perform dental services in a private clinic.

Currently Prosthodontics Specialist Program had 60 graduates spread in all over Indonesia.