In the next ten years, with the spirit of the maritime continent based on togetherness, justice and sincerity, the Periodontia Specialist Educational Program , Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University will become the center of education and specialization services for periodontics in Eastern Indonesia, and gain national and international recognition.



To realize this vision, the mission is formulated as follows:

  • Develop diversified technology-based education and learning in the field of periodontics that are effective, efficient, and tested in order to produce graduates who are professional, reliable, independent, have an entrepreneurial culture and have religious morality.
  • Develop quality and published Periodontics scientific research activities at national and international levels.
  • Participate in improving the health of the community’s periodontal tissue by applying knowledge and skills with community service activities



  • Generating graduates who have scientific capabilities, are able to work in the community according to competence, and are able to compete nationally and internationally, by implementing an effective, efficient and timely learning system in completing competency-based studies.
  • Increasing the number of research and participation in scientific events so as to create a research and writing culture for lecturers and students, thereby increasing the number of publications.
  • To produce periodontists  who are highly dedicated and care about the community and are able to encourage community independence through service activities to the community, especially in the field of periodontal tissue health.