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Master of Dental Sciences


Master of Dental Sciences Program Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University is proposed as a laboratory-based program. Therefore, the curriculum is directed at a research-based learning process.

The Master of Dental Sciences Program was established on February, 28th 2020 based on SK 0002/LAM-PTKes/Akr/PSB.PTN.BH/Mag/II/2020 as grade Minimum Accreditation. After 2 years, Master of Dental Sciences Program Recognized as a grade “Very Good” by Indonesian Accreditation Agency For Higher Education In Health (IAAHEH/LAM-PTKes) with Decree 0431/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Mag/VI/2022 valid until June, 23th 2027

Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings. and greetings to all of us

Praise and gratitude to Allah SWT, that by His grace and power, the Master of Dentistry Study Program can stand tall and contribute to students, society, nation and state. The Master of Dentistry Study Program is here to provide comprehensive solutions for the development of dental science in Indonesia.

Teaching and education of the Master’s Degree Program in Dentistry is carried out by 39 permanent lecturers of FKG Unhas who hold doctoral degrees from well-known universities both at home and abroad, and have extensive practical experience. The learning method is directed to become Student Centered Learning, which means that students are the object of learning and lecturers become learning facilitators, so it is hoped that the learning method can provide understanding and learning experiences for students.

Teaching at UNHAS is carried out as part of the Tridharma of Higher Education and is supported by adequate and strong facilities and infrastructure. With the emergence of various opportunities and opportunities that exist, we hope that the Master of Dentistry Study Program can continue to advance and contribute to all parties.

Finally, May the Master of Dentistry Study Program be Rahmatan lil-Alamin for all of us.

Based on the Decree of the Chancellor of Unhas No. 91/0/02/83 dated February 22, 1983, and the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 0563/0/1983 dated December 8, 1983, FKG UNHAS was established as a separate faculty within Unhas.

The Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University (FKG Unhas), is one of the 15 faculties at Hasanuddin University. The Master of Dentistry Study Program was established to educate students through a series of dental learning experiences, so that they have scientific and Islamic knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors in their professional fields.

Based on the Decree of the Senate of the Faculty of Dentistry Number: 1615/UN4.13.5/PP.25/2017 concerning the Opening of the Master Study Program (S2) in Dentistry. After going through a series of visits, finally getting approval from Hasunuddin University to open the FKG Unhas master study program with the Unhas Chancellor’s decree number: 544/UN4.1/KEP/2020 Regarding the Opening of the Masters Program in Dentistry (S2)
The opening of the Master of Dentistry Study Program FKG Unhas was marked by the Decree of the Management of the Independent Accreditation Institute for Indonesian Health Higher Education (Perkumpulan LAM-PTKes) Number: 0002/LAM-PTKes/Akr/PSB.PTN-BH/Mag/II/2020 concerning minimum accreditation.


“To become a leading and excellent research-based study program in the areas of dental health service management, oral biology, dental biomaterials, and clinical dentistry in the field of dentistry based on the spirit of the Indonesian maritime continent.”




To realize this vision, the following missions were formulated:

  1. Conduct education, implement and disseminate Dentistry Science and Technology based on ethics and morals, and be responsive to changes and developments in Dentistry Science and Technology.
  2. Conducting inter- and interdisciplinary dental research in support of master’s programs situated in the Indonesian Maritime Continent.
  3. Performing community service and collaborating with others on a national and global level to support master’s education.


  • Able to choose appropriate technology to be used in implementing proper and low-cost health service management
  • A person who is able to promote a healthy lifestyle with effective counseling and appropriate advice, so that the health of individuals and groups will be improved and maintained.
  • Someone who because of the honor and trust of the local community, is able to know the health needs of individuals and groups so that they can play a role in motivating the community to participate in improving general health and in particular for the community
  • Have a sensitivity to the health needs of the environment and have creativity and innovation to make changes and solutions to improve the health status of the community
  • Someone who is able to act as a professional educator and scientist, who is always able to develop himself according to the progress of science and technology in an effective manner through the addition of knowledge and research and dedication
  • A person who can work effectively and harmoniously with others both inside and outside the organization of the health care system to find out what the patient and community needs.



Profile of graduate students from master dental sciences for all major

  1. Decision Maker
  2. Communicator
  3. Community Leader
  4. Creator and Inovator
  5. Lecturer/Researcher
  6. Manager


Map of Distribution of Alumni and Students