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Muhammad Ikbal, DDS., Ph.D., Sp.Pros(K)

Research Interest:

Dental Implant, Fixed Prosthodontic, Removable Prosthodontic

Academic Career:

  • Sp-1 (Speciality) of Prosthodontic : Faculty of Dentistry Hasanuddin University
  • Sp-2 (Consultant) of Prosthodontic : Indonesian Prsthodontic Collegium
  • Ph.D: Taiwan Medical University
  • Assessment of sagittal root position, alveolar bone concavity, and labial bone perforation in the mandibular anterior tooth region for immediate implant placement
  • Evaluation of sagittal root position and labial alveolar bone concavity in the maxillary anterior tooth area for immediate implant placement
  • Window impression technique for a single denture with maxillary anterior flabby ridge
  • Prevalence and Severity of the Temporomandibular Disorder among Senior High School Students in Indonesia
  • Use of drugs for pain management in temporomandibular disorder syndrome: a literature review
  • Pharmacological Intervention For Treating Pain
  • The Effectiveness of Using Stabilization Appliance in Patients with Disorders Temporomandibular Joint 
  • Effect of addition of white glutinous rice starch (Oryza sativa L Var. Glutinosa) on alginate impression material on dimensional stability – Effect of addition of white
  • The prevalence of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder in Young Violin Players in two Orchestra in Indonesia