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Registration Requirements For Specialist Program Faculty Of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University

Document Requirements :

1.   Photocopy of Bachelor of Dentistry  and Dentist diploma that has been legalized.

2.   Brief curriculum vitae.

3.   Photocopy of civil servant candidates decree, civil servant decree and employee card for civil servant dentist (legalized).

4.   Photocopy of competency test certificate and registration certificate from Medical Council of Indonesia

5.   Photocopy of study program and university accreditation.

6.   Written recommendations from professional organizations and oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

7.    Written permission from direct supervisor (10000 stamp).

8.    Certificate of Health and Color Blindness Free from a government hospital and the period of the certificate is no longer than 1 (one) month.

9.     3 (three) sheets.of latest color pass photo size 4×6

10.   Proof of registration payment  as many as Rp. 1,200,000, –

11.   A statement that is not currently in education (10000 stamp).

12.   Letter of permission/approval to continue education from husband and/or wife (for married candidates), and from parents/guardians (for candidates who are not married). The letter of permission/approval is stamped 10000.

13.   Drug-free certificate from a government hospital and/or from the police, attaching the original laboratory results.

Candidate Requirements

1.     Photocopy of legalized Dentist academic transcript, minimum GPA 2.50.

2.     The study period of Bachelor of  Dentistry is  maximum 10 (ten) years (attach a certificate of leave from the university if you have been on academic leave of absence).