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Sherly Horax


Full Name                    : Prof. Dr. Sherly Horax, drg., M.S

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Research Interest      : Natural material in Dentistry

Academic Career  :

  • Master Degree      : Airlangga University
  • Doctoral Degree   : Hasanuddin University

Research and Development Projects :

  • (2021) The effect of handling children anxiety with modelling techniques to changes in pulse rate dental and oral care
  • (2021) Preventive orthodontics treatment with space maintance in the early loss of decidui teeth
  • (2020) Differences in Salivary flow rate and PH between chewing gum of xylitol and sucrose elementary school in Makassar
  • (2020) The level of concern for oral health in children visiting the dental hospital of Hasanuddin University
  • (2019) Test effectiveness and utilization of shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei) shells as tooth remineralization material
  • (2019) Resisftivity of Ant Nest (Myrcecodia Pendans) on Ethanol Fraction Burkitt’s Lymphoma Cancer Cells (in vitro) through interleukin 8 Angiogenesis Obstacles (II-8)
  • (2019) Anti-cancer and antiproliferation Activity of Ethyl Asetat Extract from Ant Nest (Myrmecodia Pendans) in Burkitt’s Lymphoma Cancer Cells
  • (2019) Pulse Rate change after childhood anxiety Management with Modelling and Reinforcement Technique of Children’s dental care
  • (2019) The influence of Topical Propolis administration against the number of macrophage cell migration in Mice wounds

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