FKG UNHAS News FKG and RSGMP Unhas Hold BKGN in 2023, Here are the Activities

FKG and RSGMP Unhas Hold BKGN in 2023, Here are the Activities

FKG and RSGMP Unhas Hold BKGN in 2023, Here are the Activities post thumbnail image


The Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) and the Teaching Dental and Oral Hospital (RSGMP) of Hasanuddin University (Unhas) again held the National Dental Health Month (BKGN) in 2023.

The activity begins today with the opening at 08.00 WITA, Wednesday (20/12) and ends until Friday (22/12). This year’s activity has the theme “Smile Indonesia, Healthy Mouth Strong Teeth”.

The implementation of BKGN 2023 took place at the Unhas Dental and Oral Education Hospital (RSGMP) Jl. Kandea, Makassar. This is a collaboration between PT Unilever, Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Unhas, and RSGMP Unhas.

Also present were representatives of PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk, Mr. Binsar Sitorus, Head of the Institute of Dentistry (Kaladokgi) Navy Yos Sudarso, Head of RSGM Ladokgi Navy Yos Sudarso, Dean of FKG UMI and Director of RSIGM UMI.

Also present were the Chairperson of the PDGI Southwest Region, PDGI Makassar City Branch, Parents who are included in KOADS (Community of Parents with Down Syndrome Children), FKG Unhas Lecturers who have retired and the academic community of FKG Unhas.(*)

In her report, the Chairperson of the 2023 BKGN Committee, Syakriani Syahrir, drg., Sp.KGA. AIBK (K) thanked the leaders, invited guests and the entire committee team for their time and support so that this event was held.

This activity consists of several series of events including Free Dental Treatment, School Health Program, and Teledentistry.

Free dental treatment is a free treatment given to patients who have registered online on December 12, 2023 as many as 900 patients. This figure far exceeds Unilever’s targeted participant limit of 750 people. With this increase in numbers, hard work was needed from the committee, because the enthusiasm of the community to participate in BKGN was very large.

The free treatments that the community received were tartar removal, simple filling of adult teeth, simple extraction of adult teeth, and treatment of children’s teeth.

School Health Program in the form of Counseling and Training to Teachers and Parents Online.
The School Health Program was held in 3 schools and 1 community, namely at Nurul Fikri Elementary School with 760 students, Nurul Fikri Kindergarten with 126 students and Metro School Elementary School with 147 students and also in the community of parents with Down Syndrome children as many as 50 children.

So that the total number of School Health Program participants is 1083 children.

“As for Teledentistry, it starts from today until December 22, 2023 by providing free consultation services online,” concluded drg. Syakriani

Representing the Director of RSGMP Unhas, Muhammad Gazali, drg. MARS., Sp.B.M.M., Subsp.T.M.T.M.J (K) then told a brief story about the current condition of RSGMP Unhas.

He also conveyed the commitment of RSGMP Unhas to improve the degree of oral health in the community.

The next speech came from the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs of FKG Unhas, (Acing Habibie Mude, drg., Ph.D., Sp.Pros. Subsp.OGST (K) said that this is a routine activity that is carried out annually and of course has provided enormous benefits to the community.

drg. Acing also thanked all parties involved in the 2023 BKGN activity so that this activity ran smoothly.

The BKGN activity was officially opened which was marked by beating the drum accompanied by all invited guests.

The opening activity of BKGN 2023 went smoothly until 10.00 Wita and ended with the Gandrang Bulo dance performance from Down Syndrome children who were also given the opportunity to get free dental checks and treatments.

Report: Abdul Majid Saputra (Humas FKG Unhas)

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